Too bad at the end, Da Nang lost at Hoa Xuan (KT)

Direct Danang vs Quang Ninh: Fagan turned “hero” when scoring both goals to help Than.QN beat SHB.ĐN with a score of 2-1. This is a match within the round of V. V. 2020 League takes place on the afternoon of 18/7, on Hoa Xuan field.

Danang: Tuan Manh, Van Hoan, Igor Jelic, Tien Dung, Cong Nhat, Thanh Hai, Anh Tuan, Tai Loc, Van Long, Duc Chinh and Tanda.

Quang Ninh: Tuan Linh, Lastro Neven, Van Khoa, Thanh Hao, Nhat Minh, Hung Cuong, Trung Hieu, Hong Quan, Xuan Tu, Hai Long, Diego Fagan.

Starting list Da Nang vs Quang Ninh

Summary of Danang vs Quang Ninh
The series of successful matches of SHB.ĐN in recent rounds, making the fans of the Mine area worried about the trip of Than.QN on Hoa Xuan field. Previously, during the reign of coach Phan Thanh Hung, the visitors had only 1 draw, the rest lost to the SHB.ĐN away.

The home team was arranged to sit on the “upper trays” but coach Le Huynh Duc proved cautious when arranging a low playing team to explore the opponent. This rulers have a reason because their opponent has good players to counterattack like Mac Hong Quan or Fagan.

In the middle of the first half, SHB.ĐN increased the speed, making the visitors’ defense difficult. In the 33rd minute, Tai Loc walked the ball neatly on the right before returning the ball very well, unfortunately the kick of captain Dang Anh Tuan was blocked by Lastro Neven. Shortly afterwards, from the cross on the right wing of Tai Loc, Phan Van Long jumped higher than the two defenders Than.QN, headed the ball away from the post.

The midfield of Than.QN is almost inferior to the home team as well as creating special. In the most difficult moment, Fagan spoke with a very high level of processing. Get the pass of a teammate, in a backward position, but the Jamaican striker helped phase out a step to eliminate Tien Dung and launch a kick to lower Tuan Manh. This is also the final score for the first half.

In the second half, coach Le Huynh Duc had to adjust on people, he launched Dinh Hoang in place of Au Van Hoan to improve the ability to attack on the right corridor. When things did not bring a good signal, they were hit by a “cold water”. In the 47th minute, it was Fagan again breaking down the offside trap after Mac Hong Quan’s pass, in a rather narrow corner this striker lowered Tuan Manh to make the score 2-0.

SHB.ĐN did everything they could to find the goal after being led by a distance of 2 goals. Huynh Duc launched A Mít, Minh Tam central midfielders to the pitch instead of Anh Tuan and Thanh Hai to improve the ability to hold the rhythm. The game continued to stalemate, the Han River team put Thanh Thinh and Viet Thang into the field. However, all are not effective.

In the 68th minute, Hai Long passed the ball over goalkeeper Tuan Manh but his kick was right in the vertical column, otherwise the score was deepened for Than.QN. It was not until the last minute of injury time that Aít had a goal to close the gap for SHB.ĐN. However, that did not save the Han River team a 1-2 defeat against Than.QN.


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