Coach Huynh Duc admitted wrong when Da Nang Club was defeated

Coach Le Huynh Duc was disappointed when Danang Club lost to Quang Ninh 1-2 in the 10th round of V.League 2020. He confirmed that he would do it again to get better results. In the afternoon of July 18, Da Nang club welcomed Quang Ninh on Hoa Xuan field. The home team entered impressively, but didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Da Nang suddenly received 2 goals in just 50 minutes because of mistakes in defense. In the last minute, the home team scored an honorary goal thanks to the midfielder A Mit. “Football is not going to win forever. The Danang players are not performing at their best, their physical strength is eroded because of continuous play. more reasonable “, coach Huynh Duc shared after the game.
“In the first half, the Danang club made a tactical mistake, because the defender played too low, while the striker was too active. They pressed asynchronously. They took a lot of effort in the first half, allowing the opponent to exploit it. The ball was long. In the second half, I changed people and the team played well. The early loss made it difficult for us. The Danang club tried to push high, but missed many opportunities. It was a mistake in my game. ” , Coach Huynh Duc analyzed after the defeat. Da Nang Club was severed by the series of 6 games unbeaten by Quang Ninh. Previously, teachers and coach Le Huynh Duc drew Hanoi team 1-1 and defeated Thanh Hoa club 3-0 in the last 2 matches. Quang Ninh Club won 3 points in full after many consecutive seasons without hands in Hoa Xuan. After the match, coach Phan Thanh Hung did not attend the press conference because of his health problems. Assistant Nguyen Quang Hoang replaced Mr. Thanh Hung and expressed his excitement.
“In this match, the whole Quang Ninh team is determined and disciplined. When scoring a goal, the psychology of the players is also better. Our problem is that foreign players are unstable. foreign factors sit outside, so the play of the Quang Ninh Club is not guaranteed, “Mr. Quang Hoang excited. “The other clubs, like Quang Ninh, play on schedule so we have to accept. We just try to maintain the physical, devise suitable solutions for them,” assistant Quang Hoang shared. In this match, Hai Long made Mac Hong Quan angry after missing the opportunity to score in the second half. Hai Long came down to face, can pass to the team to cushion the ball into an empty net. However, the midfielder in 2000 dribbled and ended the post. Assistant Quang Hoang said of Hai Long: “This is a young player, to play after Hai Huy’s injury. When Hai Long comes out, he can express himself and fulfill the duties of the training committee. I hope Hai Long keeps up his form and is called up to the team “.



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