Coach Huynh Duc was surprised by the development of Bui Tien Dung

From the day he was dragged to the central defender, Bui Tien Dung’s career has changed 180 degrees with successes few dares to think.
Welcoming Nam Dinh on Hoa Xuan’s yard on the afternoon of July 21, SHB Da Nang had 90 minutes of sublimation to win the final 2-0 victory. This result leaped to No. 6 on the overall chart after a series of 4 draws and losses.
After the match, coach Le Huynh Duc shared the satisfaction of the performance of the young elements. One of them was Bui Tien Dung, who started a career as a central midfielder but when he was pulled back to the center, he played very well.
Tuong Duc spoke about his students: “In defense, Tien Dung played firmly, so I trusted him very much. Advancing without combat is beyond my imagination, the situations of football are judged and almost taken. “.
Tien Dung had been tested as a central defender since the 2018 season, but not until this year, when SHB Da Nang was not satisfied with the performance of rookie Pham Manh Hung, did the Thanh Hoa player really believe.

In addition to discovering the name of Bui Tien Dung, Coach Huynh Duc also shared his satisfaction with Dang Anh Tuan and Phan Van Long.
“Mr. Tuan from the beginning of the tournament so far he played very well, his style is stable. The second position is Phan Van Long, he has also improved a lot but I am waiting for him to have goals. Long hours missed too many opportunities.
Even at the match against Ho Chi Minh City club, he also had three favorable opportunities but could not finish. If Van Long has another goal, I think it will be better. Van Long made great progress even in his playstyle and enthusiasm, but he needed to be in the finishing stage, “said the original Hue coach.
After an important victory before Nam Dinh, SHB Da Nang will have 7 days of rest, preparing for the next match against Saigon FC (July 28). This match will also take place on Hoa Xuan Stadium, and this is a great opportunity for the Han River team to gain more beneficial results when the opponent is not in good form.

Source: Minh Phuong


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