Coach Le Huynh Duc blamed Da Nang’s defeat for poor lighting and the referee

Coach Le Huynh Duc affirmed that the goals of SHB Da Nang in the match against Ho Chi Minh City in the 16th round of V.League from the brightness of Ba Ria stadium did not meet the standards and the referee was not good.
Two times Gassissou Aime foreign soldiers helped Da Nang lead by both times, SHB Da Nang could not maintain the advantage. Even Le Huynh Duc’s teachers and coaches had to pay the third goal after Masaray’s goal in the 57th minute. 8th place on the chart with 20 points.

Entering the press conference room after the match, coach Le Huynh Duc affirmed that the Ba Ria stadium lighting was not bright enough to cause the Han River team to lose.

“The lighting in the yard has affected the players’ vision. The light here is not enough. My students complained of being out of sight and with the red shirt of the home team, making the team not see the opponent anywhere. If you look horizontally, the brightness will not reach. All the goals of Da Nang, the players are not observed, ”Hue strategist emphasized.

Before the match took place 2 hours, the sky suddenly poured heavy rain. Ba Ria yard cannot withdraw water promptly. Mr. Duc acknowledged that the rain greatly affected the expertise of the match. The former National League player said that the team who is lucky will win and has nothing to discuss tactics.

“In the first half, not football, but two teams are playing football. To the second half, my students lost their strength, had to play long balls, ”Mr. Duc continued.

In addition to the illumination of the light and weather factors, coach Le Huynh Duc also expressed dissatisfaction about the referee’s work. Specifically, Mr. Duc shared referee Nguyen Ngoc Chau was unable to correct the number of minutes.

“The referee blew the whistle to end the match a minute earlier. The compensation board is now 4 minutes but only 90 + 3 minutes, the referee blew the whistle. And I always press slower than the official watch. I have a habit of pressing the referee to blow the whistle for 1 minute.

I knew exactly the referee blew it early 1 minute. This is the right of the referees and we cannot blame it. Of course, in football, there is the 1-second chance, 1-minute chance, we can still put pressure, ”said Duc.



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