Coach Le Huynh Duc: ‘Da Nang mistakes when playing pressing’

Coach Le Huynh Duc acknowledged the tactical mistake that led to the loss of SHB Da Nang to Than Quang Ninh in the round of 10 V-League 2020.
SHB Da Nang Club has ended an impressive series after losing to Than Quang Ninh with a score of 1-2. Coach Le Huynh Duc acknowledged that the home team had entered the wrong tactics, besides that the physical factor also greatly influenced the play of Da Nang.
Coach Le Huynh Duc said: “Football is not always going to win. The players in Da Nang play in bad shape and their physical strength is worn down because they play continuously. Danang will do again to play more reasonable “. “In the first half, the Danang club made a tactical mistake, because the defender played too low, while the striker was too active. They pressed asynchronously. They took a lot of effort in the first half, allowing the opponent to exploit it. The ball was long. In the second half, I changed people and the team played well. The early loss made it difficult for us. The Danang club tried to push high, but missed many opportunities. It was a mistake in my game. ” .

On the side of Than Quang Ninh, assistant Nguyen Quang Hoang expressed his joy with the victory right away. These are 3 valuable points after many seasons of the Land Mine team having to leave the Hoa Xuan Stadium. The biggest contributor in Than Quang Ninh’s victory was Diego Fagan. He scored a double in the 40 and 45 + 1 minutes, thereby helping Quang Ninh to lead with great advantage. Another notable name is midfielder Hai Long, a young player born in 2000 who was judged by assistant Quang Hoang to complete the task of BHL. However, Hai Long also missed a delicious opportunity with a personal treatment that made Mac Hong Quan angry. It is a situation in which this player can pass to his teammates to finish an empty net.
After this match, Than Quang Ninh ranked 5th in the rankings with 16 points, while SHB Da Nang dropped to 9th with only 12 points won.



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