Coach Le Huynh Duc revealed his intention to break up SHB Da Nang

Coach Le Huynh Duc has revealed the potential berth if he bid farewell to SHB Danang Club.

SHB Da Nang was eliminated in the 2020 National Cup after losing to Ho Chi Minh City on a penalty shootout 11m. This is a relatively unfortunate result for teachers and coach Le Huynh Duc because they had 90 minutes of determined play on the Thong Nhat Stadium.

Coach Le Huynh Duc shared: “I am very sorry because Ho Chi Minh City is the place where I was born and grew up, but I rarely succeed when I come back here. But Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon to Hoa Xuan is very difficult to win against us. Now I am satisfied because Danang has played better, players play more actively, tighter. Da Nang lost to Ho Chi Minh City on penalties is normal. Having entered the penalty shootout 11m, the defeat is due to luck and psychology ”.
Regarding his future at SHB Da Nang, coach Le Huynh Duc did not deny that he would say goodbye to the Han River one day.
“I have thought about one day returning to lead the city team. It is unknown. In football, no one dares to say anything. Everything can happen in football, ”continued coach Le Huynh Duc.

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