Coach Le Huynh Duc said the referee at the Ho Chi Minh City – Da Nang match had a problem

“If you ask questions about the referee, you probably have seen the problem,” coach Le Huynh Duc started the press conference with complaints about the arbitration in the 2-2 draw with the host of Ho Chi Minh City. City on the evening of 29/6 on Thong Nhat yard.

Specifically, coach Huynh Duc directly mentioned the referee in charge of this match, Mr. Nguyen Van Chom: “At the last minutes of the match, the referee gave some unfavorable situations for us. Such as the situation of breaking my offside offside trap, that ball has no offside, the corner situations, free kicks outside the penalty area … have disadvantaged us.
When the opponent nearly rushed up to attack, they were very excited to find a equalizer, pressuring SHB Da Nang, we would be confused. And it is true that we are really confused. After the 1-1 goal, they got the second goal, but luckily we removed the goal. I think you guys watch and think there’s a problem so ask me. It is not that the referee has a problem, but that they have improper handling situations. I didn’t dare to say they were bad or what they wanted to do, but the situations on the pitch were too detrimental to us. Near the last minute, creating the opportunity for the losing team by blowing the whistle made my player very urgent and reacted a lot in the match. I don’t want to talk about referees now. I reacted a lot in the match. ”

Coach Huynh Duc is also different from coach Chung Hae Seong, frankly sharing his regret when dropping a victory. “Today our team plays well, if the strikers finish better, the score will not be 2-2 but 2-0, it is difficult for Ho Chi Minh City to equalize. A lot of good counter-attacks, Van Long had a good chance to counterattack but he slowed down the pace, missed some unfortunate missed opportunities. Our strikers have improved the scoring problem better than the match in the QG Cup, they follow my game, they play more smoothly. Today really no luck team. If we are lucky, we have more goals and we have the winning results, it is more reasonable, ”said coach Huynh Duc. SHB Da Nang currently has 8 points after 7 rounds and they are only 1 point away from TOP 8. This is a positive thing that coach Huynh Duc has good appreciation for his students: “I thank my players for understanding my way of doing things. They have talked to each other more, recently they exchange information with each other, stick together, more closely. They coordinate more smoothly, work in sync and they are more united. ”

However, the problem with SHB Da Nang according to coach Huynh Duc is also the young player he has on hand. “Actually, the problem of young players in my team is that they are really pressured away. We have drawn on the last 2 away games. If the last match they were more careful, more confident, we will have a winning result, ”the former national team captain said.
Coach Huynh Duc added more about the fans of Ho Chi Minh City: “Today’s audience came to the stadium, reminds me of the time I played. Ho Chi Minh City fans always cheerlessly care, the audience here is like that, has a long tradition. Which team kicks well, the audience cheers, always carefree to help players excited to play. The players want to cheer them on fairly so they can play the ball and give the audience a beautiful game. ”

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