Coach Le Huynh Duc still happy when Da Nang lost the match

Failure 2-3 times twice before the host Ho Chi Minh City in the round of 16 took place on the afternoon of July 17, but coach Le Huynh Duc was still happy to ask his feelings about the hometown of Ho Chi Minh City being flourishing. in this season.

Coach Le Huynh Duc and his guests in Ba Ria-Vung Tau on the day of Ho Chi Minh City could not play in Thong Nhat because the stadium had to organize international athletics. The weather in Ba Ria-Vung Tau on July 17 also did not please people when heavy rain caused the yard to withdraw water in time and the two teams had to fight the war.

Unfortunate for the visitors, although SHB Da Nang was twice ahead of the lead by the rookie, SHB Da Nang was still empty because of 3 goals from Cong Hien, Huynh Kesley, and Mansaray to help Ho Chi Minh City upstream. 3-2 win.

3 points got the 16th round to help Chung Hae Soung’s team continue to maintain the top position with 33 points, creating great pressure for Hanoi champions. In addition, winning against the uncomfortable team and the elected house helps HCMC become more confident in competing for the championship. Ho Chi Minh City will be rewarded with at least VND 5 billion if the target is completed.
The fact that the homeland team is leading the group also makes coach Le Huynh Duc, despite being a member of Hien in SHB Da Nang, feel happy. Coach Le said: “When Ho Chi Minh City succeeds, my feeling is really happy. Because I was born and grew up, growing up in this locality. In the past, I have devoted much to city football and also had many successes ”.
“Ho Chi Minh City has not known what the Cup is, but I’m happy because the team is as successful as it is today,” added Coach Huynh Duc. In the 17th round, coach and coach Huynh Duc will be able to return to Hoa Xuan to receive DNH Nam Dinh. Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City will come to Thanh Hoa as a guest on July 21.



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