Coach Phan Thanh Hung has a higher hand than coach Le Huynh Duc

Da Nang was unbeaten after 6 rounds but collapsed at home by coach Phan Thanh Hung countered the way of the Han River team in round 10 V-League 2020.
Dominant at home, but Danang can not play well when Quang Ninh Coal is neutralized. Coach Phan Thanh Hung understands clearly how to play that coach Le Huynh Duc built for Da Nang so it is easy to lock the owners of the Han River team. What Hung understands most is that Da Nang is heavily dependent on Phan Van Long’s breakthroughs so he has arranged for this dangerous player to be attached. Whenever Van Long had the ball, there were always two Than Quang Ninh players rushing into the dispute, thus breaking the successful attacks of Da Nang.
In addition, Mr. Hung also knows how to take advantage of Fagan’s ability to dispute and finish well, so directing this player to rush straight into the middle of the road makes Danang’s goods confused. Fagan himself scored 2 important goals to knock Da Nang down. Attempts by teachers and teachers Le Huynh Duc only helped them get 1-2 goals at the end of the match.



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