Comments, comparison Viettel vs Da Nang, 19h15 on 23/7

Comments Viettel vs Da Nang, 19h15 on 23/7, round 11 V-League 2020. Predict, match Viettel against Da Nang correctly.
Football judgment Viettel vs Da Nang

After the first 10 rounds of the V-League in the 2020 season, Viettel is the second best team. Specifically, the army of strategist Truong Viet Hoang won 5, drew 3, lost 2, owns 18 points and is currently 4 points behind the leader of Saigon FC.
Nhận định, soi kèo Viettel vs Đà Nẵng, 19h15 ngày 23/7
In order to consolidate its position and shorten the gap with the first place, Viettel is aiming for three points when welcoming Da Nang in round 11. This goal is within the reach of the military team thanks to good performance after winning 3 and draw 1 in the last 4 rounds. On the Da Nang side, they are currently ranked 10/14 in the V-League team this year with 12 points. They were unbeaten in successive rounds from 4 to 9 but recently collapsed right at home in front of Than Quang Ninh in round 10. With such poor preparation, teachers and coach Le Huynh Duc could not avoid the empty-handed scene. before Viettel.
Viettel vs Danang matchmaker Asian markets: Both matches between Viettel and Da Nang in the V-League last season saw the team that plays the host with three points. Therefore, putting faith in Viettel in the next rematch will be safer. Also note, Viettel has won all four matches recently. Tai Sauu: Two times Viettel and Da Nang met in last season, there were at least 4 goals. Closer to home, the last 5/6 matches of Viettel as well as 4/5 of the closest matches of Da Nang have witnessed a total of over 2. The goal is therefore worth choosing. Line-up to Viettel vs Da Nang Viettel: Xuan Son, Ngoc Hai, Jan, Tien Dung, Van Thiet, Trong Hoang, Minh Tuan, Duc Chien, Hoang Duc, Khac Ngoc, Walter Luiz. Da Nang: Thanh Binh, Bernardo Frizoni, Nhat Tan, Thanh Tiep, Thanh Hai, Van Long, Trong Hoa, Tien Dung, Cong Nhat, Duc Chinh, A. Gassissou. Recent performance, achievements against Viettel vs Da Nang.
Nhận định, soi kèo Viettel vs Đà Nẵng, 19h15 ngày 23/7
Predict score: Viettel 2-1 Da Nang

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