Hà Đức Chinh and his girlfriend reached the top of the couple on social networks: He freely said love, she proudly called “my hero”

On the occasion of the end of the old year, the beginning of this new year, I do not understand how the “god of farewell” is so difficult, but people continue to witness the famous couples with beautiful love stories. But fortunately, the cupid is still here, apart from the three parting cases, there are many couples who give their daily “gato cakes” to their faces.

Top of the best couple in the present time is none other than the player Ha Duc Chinh and the beautiful girlfriend Mai Ha Trang. Which normally doesn’t say anything, these days lately, when the winter gets colder, the more they become affectionate, the more FA feel … angry.

To see how sweet this couple has been recently, people are getting mad!

Recently, on the occasion of Ha Trang’s birthday, Ha Duc Chinh posted a picture of his outing and his girlfriend to congratulate. He also called his lover “little girl” and did not forget to shoot his heart.

Or a few days ago, after U23 Vietnam was eliminated from the U23 Asian Finals 2020, Ha Duc Chinh also posted a picture of himself showing his determination and efforts in the near future.

In the comments, fans expressed words of comfort and encouragement to Duc Chinh and U23 Vietnam. And Mai Ha Trang’s girlfriend also appeared, leaving a comment line of more than a thousand words: “My hero” (roughly translated: My hero). Who doesn’t like a girl like this.

No need for lengthy encouragement, Mai Ha Trang just said this and Duc Chinh was comforted.

Before that, the couple also had a short trip in Phu Quoc.

Then Ha Duc Chinh also publicly commented “Darling” is this angry? Ah. Just kidding, an idol is happy but who can’t congratulate. source : Kenh14


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