Ha Duc Chinh was pensive after being replaced early

Ha Duc Chinh was disappointed to play badly in the match against Nam Dinh.

In this match, with striker Gassissou Aime unable to play at the start due to injury. Coach Le Huynh Duc used Ha Duc Chinh to play alongside striker Do Merlo.
However, Nam Dinh actively chose to play a defensive counterattack, causing Duc Chinh and his teammates to encounter many difficulties in the phase.
During his time on the field, Duc Chinh did not have a really dangerous chance on the goal of goalkeeper Xuan Viet, because he was replaced by the center-back Tony and Van Phu.
Duc Chinh once brought the ball into Nam Dinh but the referee caught the offside of the striker SHB Da Nang.

The competition was not really impressive, coach Le Huynh Duc pulled Duc Chinh off the pitch when the first half was not finished. Explaining this, he said: “I need to win. I want something special. It’s a goal. The changing positions are in the striker. I just need to take advantage of the team to put more pressure on. opponent, so I want to change soon, even 5 minutes. I want to make use of it as soon as possible to get a goal, remove inhibitions, standstill. ”
When the first half ended, Duc Chinh sat quietly in the training cabin with a very pensive look.

The change of coach Le Huynh Duc has been effective when the appearance of Gassissou Aime helped the success of SHB Da Nang.
So the goal came to them when Victor opened the scoring in the 51st minute.

By 69 minutes, midfielder Dang Anh Tuan set the score 2-0 for SHB Da Nang after a very good coordination situation. 3 points won in Hoa Xuan helped Le Huynh Duc’s teachers and coaches climb to the 6th position on the rankings.



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