HCMC and SHB Da Nang split points after the crazy chase score

Ho Chi Minh City and SHB Da Nang have given the audience the chase score extremely eye-catching on Thong Nhat Stadium with 4 goals scored equally between 2 teams.

Despite being a guest on the Thong Nhat Stadium of Ho Chi Minh City, SHB Da Nang players are the better participants in this match. With the intention of preempting the home team, the coaches of coach Le Huynh Duc put up an attack after the opening whistle was lifted.

In the first minute, SHB Da Nang had the opportunity to score the match opener. After the decisive ball clearance of the defender on the HCMC side, the ball reached the foot of the Tanda striker on the away team. The SHB striker shot a powerful shot towards the goal of goalkeeper Thanh Thang, but the ball missed the goal.

Immediately after this situation, Ho Chi Minh City immediately responded with two dangerous finishes of Amido Balde. However, these strikers’ shots were unable to win against goalkeeper Tuan Manh on the SHB Da Nang side.

Phan Van Long Open the score for SHB Da Nang

In the second half of the first half, the two teams took the initiative to reduce the tempo of the game and waited for the opponent’s mistake. Because of this, not too many opportunities are created towards the goal of the two sides.

It seemed as if the first 45 minutes would have ended without any goal being scored, which happened unexpectedly in the last minute of official play. After a nice combination situation on the right wing, the ball was returned to line 2 for Phan Van Long. This midfielder definitely decided with his left foot to beat goalkeeper Thanh Thang to help SHB Da Nang take the lead 1-0.

Entering the second half, with the desire to refresh the attack, coach Chung Hae Seong repeatedly made changes of people. Nguyen Xuan Nam and Ngo Hoang Thinh entered the yard respectively to replace Cong Phuong and Van Thuan.

However, these changes by Korean strategists are not very effective. Ho Chi Minh City still plays relatively deadlock. They mostly play highball to take advantage of the height of Amido Balde. But this style of play was caught by SHB Da Nang.

In such a situation, fixed situations bring results to the home team. 88 minutes, in a corner situation, the ball was Da Nang players break. The players in Ho Chi Minh City continuously shot the ball and the ball finally bounced to the position of Thanh Binh in the right corner. This player unleashed a tight shot that goalkeeper Tuan Manh threw his hand into the net to pick up the ball.

Subsequent efforts helped Ho Chi Minh City retain a home field

Not stopping there, just 2 minutes later, the score was 2-1 for Ho Chi Minh City. Cong Hien hung the ball with a good dropping point and Amido Balde jumped high and hit it very impressive from a distance. Tuan Manh, even if he flew all the way, couldn’t touch the ball to save Danang.

However, the drama of the match has not stopped. It looked like Ho Chi Minh City had 3 points in hand but Tanda broke the joy at the Thong Nhat yard. Thanh Thinh headed well to pass the ball to Tanda to finish the Thanh Thang net to bring back an extremely worthy point for Huynh Duc’s army.

                                                                                     source : thethao24/7

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