Huynh Duc was surprised by Tien Dung, waiting for Phan Van Long to “shoot”.

Captain SHB Da Nang made a compliment to his young students after the victory over Nam Dinh.

In the reception of Nam Dinh in the 16th round, SHB Da Nang had a difficult first half when the visitors actively played defensively.
Therefore, the attack plans of SHB Da Nang could not reach the goalkeeper Dinh Xuan Viet during the first 45 minutes.
In the second half, coach Le Huynh Duc made changes and brought into play when Victor and Dang Anh Tuan took turns to bring victory to SHB Da Nang.
3 points before Nam Dinh helped coach Le Huynh Duc to climb to the 6th position on the rankings after the 17th round. So after the match, besides Minh Tam or Anh Tuan, captain SHB Da Nang also gave compliments to those. another face.
“Mr. Tuan from the beginning of the tournament until now he played very well, his style is stable. Second place is Van Long (Phan Van Long – PV), he has also improved a lot but I am waiting for him to have a table. win.
From the beginning of the tournament, Long has missed too many opportunities. Even in the match against Ho Chi Minh City, he had 3 favorable opportunities but could not finish. If Van Long has another goal, I think it will be better.
Van Long made great progress even in his play, enthusiasm, but he needed to adjust the finishing stage.
In the defense, Tien Dung also played firmly, so I was very confident. Tien Dung does not fight is beyond my imagination, almost all football situations he judges and almost takes all. “Coach Le Huynh Duc commented.
The 2-0 victory over Nam Dinh helped SHB Da Nang rise to 6th place with 23 points after 17 matches. Meanwhile, the South City team has 22 points, being played by the team to play-off narrowing the gap to 4 points.
In the next match, SHB Da Nang continued to play on Hoa Xuan home ground to welcome the crisis team of Saigon FC.



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