Judgment Viettel vs SHB Da Nang, 19h15 on 23/7

After the 10th round of V-League 2020, Viettel has won 18 points, ranked 2nd on the ranking table. Poor at the top of Saigon FC 4 points, this time teachers and teachers Truong Viet Hoang are very confident towards the championship. Because compared to Saigon FC, Viettel is more appreciated for thickness and quality of the squad.

Viettel is also the team that owns the most powerful V-League attack to date. After 10 matches, the soldier shirt team tore the opponent 18 times, 2 goals higher than the leader in Saigon and the third ranked team in Ho Chi Minh City. Notably, there have been up to 9 Viettel players scoring this season, showing the uniformity and diverse scoring methods.
Having won 10 out of 12 maximum points in the last 4 matches, Viettel is very confident towards the victory on Hang Day yard against SHB Da Nang - the team is showing signs of decline. The latest match SHB Da Nang lost to Than Quang Ninh 1-2 right at home. When Phan Van Long was gradually arrested, the coach Le Huynh Duc's team still could not solve the worry in the defense.
Viettel vs SHB Đà Nẵng, 19h15 ngày 23/7: Áp sát ngôi đầu
After 10 rounds in the V-League 2020, SHB Da Nang has conceded 13 times. If continue to confidently play the same as the recent matches, SHB Da Nang has little hope to surpass Viettel. The season before the guests on Hang Day, the Han River team was defeated in the match with 8 goals (Viettel won 5-3).
The two confrontations between Viettel vs SHB Da Nang in V-League last season had 12 goals scored. This season, the two teams still keep their offensive play open, Viettel scored 18 goals after 10 matches, SHB Da Nang scored 17 goals before the 11th round. Upcoming competition in Hang Day. Probable teams Viettel FC: Nguyen Manh, Ngoc Hai, Tien Dung, Van Thiet, Caique, Van Tram, Khac Ngoc, Duc Chien, Tien Anh, Trong Dai and Duy Thuong. SHB Da Nang: Tuan Manh, Van Hoan, Tien Dung, Jelic Igor, Cong Nhat, Thanh Hai, Tai Loc, Anh Tuan, Van Long, Duc Chinh, Tanda Experts say Viettel vs SHB Da Nang: Choose Viettel -1/2 Predict the results of Viettel vs SHB Da Nang: 3-1

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