Losing the game, the Hai Phong Club has increased the fair game “hard-working” coach Miura

In an effort to renew the attack before entering phase 2, the Hai Phong club is giving a trial with the name that was the mainstay of the Vietnamese team under Miura, midfielder Ho Ngoc Thang.

Two days before the start of the V-League 2020 match against Binh Duong, SHB Da Nang suddenly confirmed the termination of the contract with midfielder Ho Ngoc Thang.

Ho Ngoc Thang is coming to trial at the Hai Phong club.

It is known that the player who was born in 1994 left the club for personal reasons. The fact that the former U23 Vietnamese player under the coach Toshiya Miura parted with Da Nang made the audience here extremely regretful because he had previously contributed to the home team Hoa Xuan.

Once considered a talented player, the broken front ligament in 2019 has made Ho Ngoc Thang’s form go down. He quit the 2019 season because he had to go to Thailand to have surgery and recover from injury. And the long absence is the reason why this player lost his position at the Han River team and was forced to leave.

After leaving Da Nang, Ngoc Thang moved to play for Gia Dinh Club playing in the Second Division of the National League. Coming to Hai Phong for a trial showed the determination to return to the peak football of the star who was once the favorite of coach Toshiya Miura in Vietnam and U23 teams.

With a height of over 1m80 and agility, Ngoc Thang is expected to bring fresh features and goals for Hai Phong FC in the context of this bad team.

So far, Cang land team has only 4 goals and is the team that scored the least in the V-League. This is also the reason why they play badly and are diving at the end of the chart.

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