Losing to SHB Da Nang, Coach Nam Dinh still gave praise to the player

Even, Nam Dinh coach affirmed: “If I am the coach of Vietnam, I will call him to recruit to build the play”.

Having regrettably lost 2-3 against the top team in Ho Chi Minh City, SHB Da Nang experienced a series of 4 consecutive victories. Returning to Hoa Xuan’s yard, the Han River team will be determined to win 3 points with hope in the newcomer Aimé Djicka Gassissou – who has scored twice in the recent match.

Meanwhile, Nam Dinh has a very high performance in the last 4 games when it has reached 10/12 points. However, on 9/12, Nam Dinh won on Thien Truong home field. When playing on away field this season, teachers and coach Nguyen Van Dung still do not know the smell of victory.

In the first half, Danang dominated on the field with the ball control rate up to 60%. However, the home team lacks decisive passes so it does not create really clear opportunities for the visitors’ goal.

In the 19th minute, the audience on Hoa Xuan stadium seemed to be celebrating the goal of the home team when the ball was put into Nam Dinh net. Unfortunately, striker Ha Duc Chinh has been flagged for offside by the referee.

In the next few minutes, the South team played more closely with a large defense on the home field. Stuck in approaching the visitors’ goal, at the end of the first half, coach Le Huynh Duc decided to withdraw striker Ha Duc Chinh to launch his striker Gassissou – who scored twice in the previous round, entered the field.

After the break, the home team increased pressure on the visitors’ goal. And the result came in the 51st minute. From a goal that was not too dangerous, goalkeeper Xuan Viet caught the ball without facilitating Victor Nirennold to kick the score for Da Nang.

In the lead, Nam Dinh was forced to push up the squad in search of a leveling goal. However, while the goal has not been found yet, the Nam team must receive the second goal in the 69th minute.

The smooth coordination of the left-wing between Huy Toan and Thanh Thinh ended with a dangerous shot into the far corner of Dang Anh Tuan not allowing goalkeeper Xuan Viet any chance to prevent it.

After two goals, coach Nguyen Van Dung took turns to create mutant factors like The Vuong and Sy Minh to play in the field to strengthen the attack for the South team.

However, in a poor afternoon, the strikers of Nam Dinh failed to correct or fail to win the goalie Thanh Binh.

In response to the press conference after the match, even coach Nguyen Van Dung of DNH Nam Dinh also expressed his impression before the performance of midfielder Anh Tuan, the captain of the visiting team also confirmed to call “Tuan Xavi” recruit if you are the coach of Vietnam Tel:

“Midfielder Anh Tuan is a player with good technique and skills to play football. If you are the coach of Vietnam, I will call him to recruit to build a game.

Although Anh Tuan is playing very well, his recruitment depends on whether it is suitable for the game that Park Hang-seo coach built. ”



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