Making a brace, Ha Duc Chinh removed the pressure to shine

With a double goal against Thanh Hoa, hopefully Ha Duc Chinh will remove the psychological pressure to continue to shine in SHB Danang’s shirt and occupy the national team. In the 8th round of V-League 2020, SHB Da Nang marched to Thanh Hoa’s home ground, the team is in extremely high level with a series of 4 unbeaten matches since the new coach Nguyen Thanh Cong came to power. Before this match, few people believed that Da Nang could crush Thanh team to 3 goals. In particular, there are two goals from striker Ha Duc Chinh, the coach and the fans of the Han River team have the highest expectations. With a brace against Thanh Hoa club, Duc Chinh got the third goal for SHB Da Nang in the 2020 season and this is also the first match in this season the striker of Phu Tho played the full 90 minutes and also made time for the injury. Han River football team.

Witnessing Duc Chinh playing aggressively throughout the match, many people were able to feel secure about the health status of this player. Previously, the striker born in 1997 always had many physical problems, he was diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes and trauma. He only ran a few dozen minutes on the pitch and then coach Le Huynh Duc had to change and this continued for several consecutive matches. Duc Chinh sometimes practiced normally, swallowed the lesson plan but could not play competently, not even on the official registration list. Besides, the double of Ha Duc Chinh netting Thanh Hoa also has a very important meaning to this striker himself. The 23-year-old relieved the thirst of goal, removed the psychological pressure. The expected capital for Chinh was too big after he returned from SEA Games 30 with the title of top scorer. Many people thought that Duc Chinh was capable of leading the attack of SHB Da Nang in V-League 2020. Because of this, coach Le Huynh Duc said goodbye to naturalized striker Do Merlo to give Duc Chinh a chance. play more.
Not only in Danang, the striker born in 1997 is also structured as the future pillar of the Vietnamese team. The fact that Ha Duc Chinh is able to regain his form is a good signal for coach Park Hang-seo in the context that the Vietnamese team is lacking quality strikers. The season is still ahead, the double goal will be an important springboard for Ha Duc Chinh to be more excited and continue to strive to prove himself. The main task of Duc Chinh at this time is to help SHB Da Nang reach the top 8 in the rankings in phase 1, then take the interest to the Vietnamese team to fight in the AFF Cup 2020 and the remaining matches. in the 2022 World Cup qualifier.



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