War of kings by the Han River

Hanoi FC needs a victory to continue chasing FLC Thanh Hoa. SHB Da Nang is more than always, very thirsty to win to affirm that it is still ambitious to conquer the championship. The screen between the two teams this afternoon suddenly became more intense.

The soldiers were killed before arriving in Hoa Xuan
In parallel with winning 3 points against the nasty opponent, Hai Phong, Hanoi FC also paid a high price. Sam Ngoc Duc, No. 1 left-back of V.League champion, was suspended for 8 games after a rough foul with Nguyen Anh Hung on the opponent’s side.

Losing Ngoc Duc, Hanoi FC also lost an effective attack plan. Without this player, the Capital team also lost a defensive block in the left corridor, even though in the hands of “general” Nghiem was still there Duc Huy or Van Hau.

Without an important player, Hanoi FC also faced difficulties when marching to the Han River. For 7 years, the Capital team lost 5/8 times to SHB Da Nang on all fronts.

Ai Chi Lang in the past was inherently difficult to overcome, now Hoa Xuan of General Le Huynh Duc’s teachers is even more solid and stable. 10 matches have passed at home, SHB Da Nang only received one defeat. Those numbers are enough to see that it is not easy for Hanoi FC to destroy the yard of SHB Da Nang.

Defeat in Do Merlo ?!
Failure of 2-3 before FLC Thanh Hoa a few days ago made fans unable to help but ask questions about ambition in V.League of SHB Da Nang. Contrary to the sublimation style in the front of the National Cup, Do Merlo and his teammates are much smaller than the Thanh team. Even new natural Vietnamese strikers are just his own shadow compared to the previous 3 consecutive games.

It is a fact that, over the past 1 year, the defeat of SHB Da Nang depended heavily on whether Merlo scored a goal or not. Not far away, 3 games in the National Cup when this player came back, SHB Da Nang immediately sublimated to reach the semi-finals.
But that is also the worry for coach Le Huynh Duc. Because once Merlo was blocked, SHB Da Nang also lost its fighting spirit. Even when Bui Van Long, Phan Van Long and Vo Huy Toan are getting high performance, they cannot create a great influence as Merlo has been doing for the Han River team.

After all, the home team of Hoa Xuan has won the elite Hanoi FC or not, depends heavily on the goal of scoring goals against opponents of Do Merlo. The confrontations between the two teams over the past 3 years, Merlo always makes Hanoi FC goalkeeper embrace hate.

A big war on the Han River. A battle for kingship between Hanoi FC and SHB Da Nang. Can the most powerful item of V.League currently penetrate the most fortified fortress in Da Thanh land?





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