Although newly promoted to V.League, Viettel is still considered a candidate for the champion racing team this season. Before SHBDaNangFC is no longer as strong as before, the army team will show their ability and win.

Before entering the new season, Viettel is considered to be the counterweight of Hanoi FC in the championship race. V. League rookie had a huge investment when recruiting 3 stars Ngoc Hai, Minh Tuan, and Trong Hoang and bringing coach Lee Heung Sil to lead.

If the three players above are familiar with the grave of the country, the new head coach of Viettel is also a prominent name in the Korean football village. Since his time as a player, Mr. Lee Heung Sil has had many years in Korea. When entering the training career, the 58-year-old leader once led the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors club twice to win the K.League (2009 and 2011), won a QG Cup, a Super Cup and won the AFC Champions League 2006. Only “a few” such bullets to see, Viettel would like to play on the training bench to raise the team level.

Despite the fact that Trong Hoang could not register for the turn, the quality of Viettel players was still formidable. Apart from Minh Tuan, Ngoc Hai and Tien Dung, Viettel also has a number of talents that have been called up to the U19, U20 Vietnam teams such as Van Thiet, Hoang Duc, Van Hao …, so it is clear that this team deserves to be ranked ” Above tray “at V.League 2019.

Contrary to Viettel’s strong investment, SHBDaNangFC entered this season with lots of question marks. The owners of Hoa Xuan stadium did not bring back any outstanding names but believed to use the young players. In particular, the absence of Huy Toan and Ngoc Thang has greatly influenced SHBDaNangFC’s plan to use people in the middle. These two players are suffering from a long-term injury so at least it must be their turn to return.

Without a star, perhaps what makes NHM the team on the Han River is the biggest trust now is the return of coach Le Huynh Duc. More than anyone else, after time off for family, Mr. Duc is still the influential person, understand the player here the most. Coach Le Huynh Duc is considered solid support for SHBDaNangFC in the season which is forecasted to be a lot of hardships.

Of course, when the ball is not rolled, it is impossible to say anything. But looking at Viettel’s playing level and the team of good players, the experts are evaluating the team led by coach Lee Heung Sil who has a great chance of winning the match this afternoon.

Results: 3-1

result: 3-1


SHBDanangFC 3-1 Viettel

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