In the last 4 matches, FLC. Thanh Hoa shows signs of falling again when only draw and lose. And the order placed for coach Duc Thang in this match is to win at all costs, if not for the crisis to become serious …

The reception of SHB.DNN at home in this round can be considered an opportunity for Duc Thang teachers and students to re-lighting their faith in NHM. However, in front of SHB visitors, DNN is gradually starting to regain its form after a period of decline, this is considered an easy task with FLC.TH.

In the match this afternoon, while the visitors only lack Nhat Tan due to receiving enough cards, in the opposite field, the home team continues to not get the services of the main striker Omar because of the disciplinary case. Losing the most dangerous spike on public goods, FLC.TH is like “hunting without guns”.

Add a difficult match is waiting for the Thanh team in front. And now is the time when people wait on the military, “whether the rice pickled fish” by coach Duc Thang as shown before while leading Saigon FC.

Predict the squad:

SHB Da Nang FC: Van Hung, Thanh Hai, Diogo, Minh Tam, Van Thang, Tien Dung, Huy Toan, Do Merlo, Van Long, Thanh Thinh, Duc Le.

FLC.THanh Hoa: Thanh Thang, Minh Tung, Xuan Hung, Xuan Thanh, Dinh Dong, Hoang Thinh, Van Hieu, Trong Hoang, Xuan Cuong, Quang Vinh, Ofere.


SHB Da Nang FC vs Song Lam Nghe An FC

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