Predicting before Hai Phong & SHB Da Nang

Hai Phong started the 2018 season unfavorably, and in the battle they lost 1-0 to Hanoi FC. The next match against HAGL, XSKT Can Tho and Quang Nam, the army of coach Truong Viet Hoang continues to disappoint with the draws and failures. It was not until the 6th round, Hai Phong found the joy of winning when defeating Ho Chi Minh City with the score of 1-0. Saying so to see the difficulty of Hai Phong this season, meeting SHB Da Nang will they keep 3 points?

SHB Da Nang is no better than Hai Phong, after 6 rounds, they only have 7 points and even behind the Harbor City team because they are inferior to the sub-index. The performance of SHB Da Nang recently is also not good, they lost 0-4 to Hanoi in round 6 and in the next round they have just received 0-2 face salts against HAGL. With the current situation, getting points in front of Hai Phong is not easy for SHB Da Nang.

Duc Chinh ‘opened fire’ seemed to have brought 1 point to SHB Da Nang, but the compensated minutes 90 + 5 they had to receive the bitter fruit and failed to Hai Phong.

Playing at home, Hai Phong Club immediately took over the posture and deployed attack situations. After many opposing situations, 24 minutes Hai Phong has celebrated the goal after Stevens’s goal.

The goal helped Hai Phong play with a more confident mentality, only 9 minutes later they had a goal to rise 2-0. From the first phase, Stevens and Dinh Bao kicked in and no one came to an end with unstoppable finishes.

After the break, SHB Da Nang had a change and came to attack. Unexpectedly came in the 52nd minute when SHB Da Nang had a goal to shorten the score to 1-2, from the free kick outside the penalty area, Huy Toan put the ball to the barrier to prevent goalkeeper Van Lam of Hai Phong from stopping breaking.

Shortening the score to help SHB Da Nang get high determination, they continue to attack to find a equalizer. After many efforts, suddenly continued to make up for the first hour of the second half, this time Duc Chinh had the chance to finish the score 2-2 to SHB Da Nang.

Thinking that SHB Da Nang was able to get 1 point in front of Hai Phong, it was right in the 90 + 5 minutes that Ngoc Tan hit the correct finish to set a 3-2 victory for the Port City football team.

With the above victory, Hai Phong has temporarily reached the 5th position on the V-League table

The lineup goes to Hai Phong stadium and SHB Da Nang

Hai Phong: Van Lam, Anh Hung, Hoai Duong, Ngoc Tan, Van Phu, Quoc Trung, Thanh Long, Viet Phong, Dinh Bao, Diego Fagan, Stevens.

SHB Da Nang: Van Hung, Anh Quang, Van Long, Viet Anh, Thanh Thinh, Thanh Hai, Bui Tien Dung, Do Merlo, Pereira Diogo, Ewode E.Louis Christian, Duc Chinh


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