Results of SHB Da Nang vs Nam Dinh on June 15, 2019. Today SHB Da Nang marched to Thien Truong with a team of players who were unable to achieve a stable performance. Meeting a cheerful host team, coach Le Huynh Duc’s army had to struggle extremely hard on the fierce ball of Nam Dinh FC. 40 minutes, in a rare moment of high rise, defender Van Truong had a chance to open the score in the context of the defense of the Han River football team playing like a dream.

When Duc Chinh was put on the bench, all the responsibilities scored were given to General Do Merlo. Da Nang’s naturalization striker did not disappoint people when the first minute of the second half was scored. This is a European football phase when Do Merlo chose the smart position and pressed the defender in the penalty area before picking up a cross from the teammate’s margin to head the technique, defeating goalkeeper Nam Dinh.

In the remaining minutes, especially in the last seconds of the match, Nam Dinh organized a frantic push on the visitors’ goal. If Da Nang’s public goods waste the opportunities of counter-attacks with the faint appearance of Ha Duc Chinh, the Han River defense’s defense is a rare mistake. In a seemingly harmless situation, the Da Nang defender broke the ball and placed Nam Dinh striker Patiyo in a one-on-one position with the goalkeeper. Like a tiger in a cage, Patiyo gently put the ball into the far corner of the goal, setting a victory for Nam Dinh 2-1.


SHB Danang Club: Thanh Binh, Nhat Tan, Cong Nhat, Patrick Edson, Thanh Hai, Anh Tuan, Minh Tam, Tien Dung, Schmitt, Nirennold, Do Merlo.

Nam Dinh FC: Xuan Viet, Van Phu, Quoc Huong, Thanh Truong, Van Truong, Manh Hung, Huu Dinh, Ha Long, Emmanuel Tony, Diogo, Patiyo.

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