Years ago, the “Quang – Da” derby always received great attention from fans as well as domestic experts. Each time confrontation, SHB Da Nang is always rated as the upper door rival.

However, the situation has changed in recent seasons when SHB Da Nang is no longer a formidable force at V.League. Meanwhile, Quang’s football team has a strong rise. Even in the 2017 season, coach and coach Hoang Van Phuc has surpassed a series of heavy candidates to win the V.League championship. This is the first time after 20 years of history, Quang Nam proclaimed himself king in the No. 1 tournament in Vietnam.

Team to compete SHB Da Nang vs Quang Nam

SHB Da Nang : Van Hung, Epassi, Anh Quang, Van Long (Nhat Tan 72 ‘), Viet Anh (Tien Dung 76’), Diogo, Minh Tam, Viet Thang (Ngoc Thang 51 ‘) , Huy Toan, Nhat Tan, Duc Chinh.

Quang Nam : Van Cuong, Van Hoc, Thiago, Van Phong (Ngoc Nguyen 90 + 2 ‘), Van Ha, Quang Huy, Thanh Hung (Huu Phuoc 79’), Dinh Thang, Thanh Trung, Wander Luiz, Minh Tuan (Ocean 73).

Scoring : Duc Chinh 57 ‘, Diogo 90 + 4’ – Thanh Trung 22 ‘(PK) [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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