SHB Da Nang and Quang Nam FC promised SHB Da Nang and Quang Nam FC to contribute to the audience of Quang Da with a fiery match.

SHB Da Nang and Quang Nam are probably not too strange, they have a deep affair in history when in the rankings of V-League promotion, there are no small signs of the players of the Han River team.

However, after participating in V-League, Quang Nam FC is always an extremely annoying opponent with the Han River team, considering the achievement of the two teams in V-League, teachers and coach Hoang Van Phuc new team takes advantage.

In the last 3 seasons as guests before SHB Da Nang, Quang Nam won two victories. These are all exciting and dramatic matches with the chasing the score.

Remembering last season, Quang Nam FC also had a good start on Hoa Xuan stadium with the opening goal by Thanh Trung. But the personal mistakes of goalkeeper Van Cuong made Quang team losing 1-2. It was also the first victory of SHB Da Nang before this neighboring competitor after two consecutive seasons of hating.

However, it was a victory under coach Minh Phuong, while Huynh Duc still did not break before Quang Nam FC. Therefore, Han River fans are waiting to see if this military leader can do the “junior” thing he obtained last year.

In the match this afternoon, there will be no exploration from both teams when SHB Da Nang and Quang Nam FC are all too understanding, because before the season kicks off, both have nearly 10 games. together. So they were too knowledgeable about each other.

After losing B. Binh Duong, SHB Da Nang is determined to win a victory to regain its spirit before entering the rest period to make room for U23 Vietnam.

But with only 1 point up to this point, the coach Hoang Van Phuc did not want to lose points against this favorite opponent. A fiery derby is waiting for Quang Da fans ahead.

Prediction: SHB Da Nang 1-1 Quang Nam FC

Expected lineup:

SHB Da Nang: Van Hung, Thanh Thinh, Viet Phu, Van Thang, Nhat Tan, Viet Anh, Anh Tuan, A Mít, Van Long, Merlo, Duc Chinh.

Quang Nam FC: Van Cuong, Viet Tu, Duy Khanh, Thiago, Anh Hung, Huu Phuoc, Huy Hung, Thanh Trung, Quoc Chi, Davis, Claudecir.

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Kết quả: 2-2


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