The victory over Nam Dinh in the 17th round at home made a great boost to Danang in front of a Saigon who just lost 1-4 defeat to Hanoi. The home team rushed up right after the opening whistle and soon got the score. 11 minutes, Do Merlo received the way to poke the slot of his teammates to skim the technical ball through the goalkeeper Van Hoang opening the score.

After the early goal, Saigon pushed up the squad to find a goal with countless long-range and dangerous header. However, goalie Thanh Binh has focused on playing, helping the host to preserve the result of 1-0 after the first 45 minutes.

The second half began to be relatively similar to the first half when Da Nang had a goal of opening the score very early. 47 minutes, Gassissou had a quick kick in the penalty area to put the ball into the corner of the goal that goalkeeper Van Hoang could not keep up. Saigon then had a goal in the 64th minute by Pedro Paulo with a left-footed shot at a tight angle, bringing the match back to the match.

However, the turning point of the match came when Saigon was in a better spirit. Bernardo Frizoni’s left-footed free-kick from Danang put the ball into danger, Van Hoang flew out to make a save but the referee determined the ball went over the lime line.

The last minute, a defender of Saigon also made the mistake of passing the ball back silly, to Do Merlo ice to rob the ball, tricked Van Hoang before setting a 4-1 victory for Da Nang. The second consecutive defeat with the score 1-4 made Saigon sink to the bottom of the standings.

Final: Danang 4-1 Saigon (1st half 1-0)


Da Nang: Do Merlo 11 ’, 90’, Gassissou 47 ’, Bernardo Frizoni 84’

Saigon: Pedro Paulo 64 ’


The squad started two teams:

Da Nang: Thanh Binh, Anh Tuan, Van Long, Minh Tam, Tien Dung, Do Merlo, Nhat Tan, Cong Nhat, Huy Toan, Djicka, Victor.

Saigon: Van Hoang, Ngoc Duy, Dinh Bao, Pedro, Quoc Phuong, Quoc Long, Van Tran, Thanh Tin, Van Ngo, Geovane, Gustavo.


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