Midfielder good like Xuan Truong, SHB Da Nang shined, beat Nam Dinh

Midfielder Dang Anh Tuan continued to shine to bring victory for SHB Da Nang to Nam Dinh.

After 3 turns of matches that only knew how to draw and lost in the return stage, SHB Da Nang returned to Hoa Xuan’s yard to welcome the very good team Nam Dinh.

In the previous match, Nam Dinh suddenly beat Thanh Hoa 4-2 on Thien Truong, thereby cutting off the ten unbeaten series of Thanh team. Therefore, fans of the Han River team believe that this will be an easy match for them.
Compared to the lineup in the match against the TP club. In the previous round, coach Le Huynh Duc had a little change when he let Thanh Thinh and Merlo kick to replace Cong Nhat and Aime.

With the advantage of playing on home turf, SHB Da Nang is the better team to control the game. However, the coach Le Huynh Duc had a lot of difficulties in approaching the goal of goalkeeper Dinh Xuan Viet because Nam Dinh defended relatively closely.
The situation of deploying the ball from the two margins was tightly locked, so SHB Da Nang actively played the attack on the middle but could not promote its effectiveness.
Despite better control of the ball, the chance of SHB Da Nang to create the Nam Dinh goal is negligible. Therefore, the two teams accepted to leave the field temporarily with a score of 0-0.
In the second half, coach Le Huynh Duc sent Aime striker to the field to replace Ha Duc Chinh. This adjustment helps public goods SHB Da Nang play much better.
Efforts to find the goal soon came to the Hoa Xuan Stadium team in the second half when during a high attack phase, midfielder Victor finished his close-range after the situation where Xuan Viet did not catch the ball from Phan’s shot. Van Long opened the score 1-0 for SHB Da Nang.
Having won the goal, SHB Da Nang actively played slowly and forced Nam Dinh to push up the squad to attack to reveal the gap in the back. Le Huynh Duc’s calculations were correct when they had the second goal.
In the 69th minute, from the mixed-phase on the left, Thanh Thinh had a favorable pass for Anh Tuan to score the far corner to increase the score to 2-0 for SHB Da Nang.

Despite playing very hard in the last 20 minutes of the game, Nam Dinh could not bring the ball into the goalkeeper Thanh Binh, thereby losing the 0-2 score on Hoa Xuan yard.
Scoring: Victor (51 ‘), Anh Tuan (69’)
SHB Da Nang: Thanh Binh, Nhat Tan, Tien Dung, Victor, Thanh Thinh, Minh Tam, Anh Tuan, Van Long, Bernardo, Do Merlo, Duc Chinh.

Nam Dinh: Xuan Viet, Van Phu, Tony, Ha Long, Manh Cuong, Xuan Quyet, Quoc Huong, Anh Quang, Manh Hung, Diogo, Gustavo.



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