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Quang Hai say after the draw of Hanoi against SHB Da Nang?

Midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai had a quick share right after the match between Hanoi and SHB Da Nang in the evening of July 12.

With completely recovered from illness to regain his best fitness, the evening of July 12, midfielder Quang Hai was coached by coach Chu Dinh Nghiem from the bench when the Hanoi Club had a guest trip to the competition. against SHB Da Nang players in the 9th round.

Despite great efforts in the minutes, Quang Hai was unable to help the capital team improve the situation, thereby accepting to leave with a 1-1 draw.

The Hanoi Club had a tough game against SHB Da Nang

After this match, the Dong Anh midfielder, Hanoi, received a number of media questions. He confided about his health situation: “Currently, I have just experienced a series of illnesses. I feel my body is gradually stabilizing. And I am sure my physical strength is ready to come on the field. ”

Quang Hai also did not show too much regret when the Hanoi Club could not achieve the goal of winning 3 points completely. The midfielder in 1997 continued: “An away draw is not so bad. It is important that the whole team keep the focus for the next game.”

With a 1-1 draw at Hoa Xuan, so after 9 V-League 2020, Hanoi has only got 12 points and is temporarily ranked 8th on the table. It can be said that the most competitive performance of the Capital team in the last few years.

Despite this, Quang Hai is still optimistic about the journey to protect the home team’s crown when sharing: “I think the past rounds have not said anything. Hanoi needs to focus on the next match. follow. No one wants a bad result.

I think the whole team needs to lift their spirits after what they’ve been through. I think we won’t put any pressure on ourselves but try to compete in each match. I think the whole team is still playing well. Hanoi still maintains a cohesive play style. The important thing is that from time to time, the whole team needs to take more chances. ”

                                                                                   source : Bongda24h.vn

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