Result Ho Chi Minh FC and SHB Da Nang – Goal rain

Ho Chi Minh City and SHB Da Nang have offered the audience a goal party on Thong Nhat Stadium.

The heavy rain before the match did not cause the Ho Chi Minh City and SHB Da Nang clubs to reduce heat. That’s why this encounter created another rain under the yard.

Just 8 minutes, Gassissou headed down the goalkeeper Thanh Thang to score the match. The home team immediately pushed up the squad to find a goal. 6 minutes later Cong Hien kicked off after a missed ball of Phan Van Bieu.

However, SHB Da Nang once again took the lead before Gassissou relaxed to defeat Thanh Thang for the second time. Before the first half ended, Huynh Kesley could equalize with the thundering kick in the last minute of stoppage time.

Entering the second half, the ground conditions became more dry, making the game “smoother”. Consecutive Van Thuan and Hoang Thinh and Mansory threatened the goal of goalkeeper Van Bieu. One of them was used by Mansory to Ho Chi Minh City for the first time.

Minutes later Chung Hae Seong’s army continued to create an overwhelming match. Consecutive opportunities for spotting, in which Akinade had a shot on the crossbar. Even so, HCMC still kept a close victory to consolidate the leading position of V-League 2019.



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