Round 10 V. League 2020: Song Lam Nghe An, SHB Da Nang lost at home together

In the afternoon of July 18, despite competing with effort, the home team of Song Lam Nghe An still lost to Viettel with a score of 1-2. Similarly, on Go Dau Stadium (Binh Duong province), the Thanh Hoa visitors suddenly won 1-0 against the Binh Duong Club.

Lam Nghe An River still loses to Viettel with 1-2 score At 17:00 on 18/7, the duel between Song Lam Nghe An and Viettel on Vinh Stadium in the framework of Round 10 V-League 2020 is expected by Nghe fans. However, despite great efforts, Song Lam Nghe An still lost to Viettel with a score of 1-2.


In the comparison of the current force, Viettel is superior to the Song Lam Nghe An in many positions on the field. Viettel is like a “miniature national team” with a series of pillars such as Que Ngoc Hai, Trong Hoang, Khac Ngoc, Nguyen Manh, Hoang Duc, Duc Chien … It is also in Viettel’s squad that there are many good players. Nghe Nghe, meanwhile, Song Lam Nghe An focuses his hopes on two players, Phan Van Duc and Ho Tan Tai. On the V.League 2020 Ranking, Viettel is ranked third, gaining 15 points, the home team Song Lam Nghe An is ranked 9th with 12 points. After 4 matches without knowing the victory, Song Lam Nghe An desperately needs a victory to revive the spirit but facing Viettel on Vinh Stadium this time is very difficult.

Entering the match, the Viettel visitors took the initiative to raise the ball. There are quality midfielders with the names Khac Ngoc, Van Tram so the visitors played rhythmically, regulating the match well. Meanwhile, the home team Song Lam Nghe An kicked back and waited for a counterattack. However, at the 4th minute, Song Lam Nghe An had a goal. From a fixed penalty, the ball was deployed down the wing and Dinh Tien passed into the low range to Ho Tan Tai rushed into the beautiful header, defeating goalkeeper Nguyen Manh on the Viettel side to open the score. Receiving the early goal, Viettel cornered the home team with many attacks in order to equalize. In the 14th minute, from the penalty kick of Khac Ngoc, defender Song Lam Nghe An broke the ball in the position of Duy Thuong, this player launched a shot into the near corner to beat Van Hoang, equalizing 1-1 for Viettel . After a few minutes of being defeated before Viettel, Song Lam Nghe An gradually regained the match. The two teams play so tight there is little chance of danger on goal two goalkeepers. The ball primarily rolls in the middle of the court.

When the first half stepped into the injury time 45 + 3, Viettel was awarded a free kick on the right wing after Van Duc of Song Lam Nghe An committed a foul on Duy Thuong. The player Khac Ngoc hung the ball into the penalty area for Duc Chien to head, beat goalkeeper Van Hoang, raising the score to 2-1 for Viettel. Entering the second half, Song Lam Nghe An played determination and cornered Viettel. From the 47th minute, Quang Tinh took a corner kick hit the crossbar of Viettel. The ball bounced off, a soccer player on the home kick hit the post. In the next corner, Peter Samuel escaped with the accompaniment and the ball but crossed the bar in the regret of the fans on the Vinh field. 60 minutes, Quang Tinh had a click on the penalty area for Van Duc to face Nguyen Manh but the referee caught an offside. In the last minutes of the match, Song Lam Nghe An tried to find a goal to equalize but was defended by Viettel’s defenses.

Despite being cornered, Viettel’s visitors also created a dangerous opportunity. In the 76th minute, Viettel counterattacked, Bruno Cunha hurriedly overcame the Japanese defender and faced goalkeeper Van Hoang, but his sinking was dumped by Van Hoang and pushed the ball to the wrong post. At the end of the match, Song Lam Nghe An lost to Viettel with a score of 1-2. Thanh Hoa won 1-0 against Binh Duong Club On the afternoon of July 18, on the field of Go Dau (Binh Duong province), there was a match in Round V. V. Leagues with a surprising result was the visitors Thanh Hoa won 1-0 against the Binh Duong Club. The only goal of the match by player Hoang Vu Samson in the 48th minute helped the Thanh team win all 3 points.

The Thanh Hoa team used a good set of counter-attacking tactics and they succeeded. Binh Duong strikers have a lot of difficulties approaching the opponent’s goal. All efforts of the Binh Duong strikers were stopped in front of Ba Son goal of Thanh Hoa. The most unfortunate was that in the 77th minute, Tien Linh of Binh Duong had a header that knocked out the goalkeeper but a striker of Thanh Hoa promptly broke the ball right on the line, robbing Binh Duong’s goal. That is the reason leading to a regretful defeat for the Go Dau team. According to experts, coach Nguyen Thanh Cong of Thanh Hoa was wise to give his students a tight defense and fast counterattack, making every effort of Tien Linh and all Binh Duong players hopeless.


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