SHB Da Nang vs HAGL: Away away

After 2 consecutive matches at home, HAGL will have a trip to Hoa Xuan Stadium of SHB Da Nang. The two matches have partly relieved the pressure that coach Lee Tae Hoon has had to receive over time. Although ranked 7th on the table, this team is only a gap behind SLNA. The top competitors like Ho Chi Minh City and SLNA will face each other next round, while Becamex Binh Duong will face Hanoi FC champion. This is a better opportunity for HAGL to get a good position after this round is closed. Look at your own luck is mostly a chop pastime australian online pokies that accepts paypal. Especially opponent SHB Da Nang is facing a lot of problems in the gameplay. This season, coach Le Huynh Duc constantly complains about the injury situation of the pillars. Do Merlo’s departure left a difficult gap in the attack, he chose Duc Chinh as a key factor on the Han River’s offensive.

However, Duc Chinh constantly suffered injuries and especially liver disease, which made him not guarantee the best fitness. The plans to prepare for the break-up season, SHB Da Nang played erratically and resulted in a series of rumors that coach Le Huynh Duc lost his chair and was rumored. But like his colleague Lee Tae Hoon, coach Lee Huynh Duc cooled the heat with a 6-1 victory over Quang Nam. But in the next round they again to draw HLHT, similarly, HAGL lost 3 points very regrettably before Saigon.

One of the coaches will be under pressure if he loses this match. However, aside from home advantage, SHB Da Nang has more problems. Coach Huynh Duc lost Ha Duc Chinh and foreign soldiers also played badly. While HAGL is in high spirits with positive information from Xuan Truong, who can be registered in this match list. Optimism is a positive signal for HAGL. Being a guest at Hoa Xuan has never been easy but with the current problems of the home team, this is a better opportunity for HAGL to get 3 points and get a high rank in the rankings.

Match summary:

Final score: Da Nang 3 - 1 HAGL