SHB Da Nang vs Than Quang Ninh, 17:00 18/07: Han River will rise!

SHB Da Nang is in good shape when going through a series of 6 unbeaten matches. That is the basis to believe that Huynh Duc teachers and students will defeat Than Quang Ninh, and overcome the opponent on the rankings.
Before the encounter on Hoa Xuan field, SHB Da Nang had 12 points, ranked 7th on the ranking table. Meanwhile, Quang Ninh Than on 2 opponents but only more than 1 point. Therefore, if defeating Than Quang Ninh, SHB Da Nang will surpass the opponent on the V.League rankings in 2020. SHB Da Nang started the season with 3 consecutive defeats, causing Huynh Duc’s chair to wobble violently. At that time, it was reported that if the Han River team received an additional failure at welcoming the “brother” Quang Nam on Hoa Xuan field, the possibility of showing Hien would bring a new “general” to take over SHB Da Nang.
As a result, everyone knows, SHB Da Nang “destroyed” Quang Nam 6-1. If coach Huynh Duc relieves the pressure of thousands of pounds, celebrates jubilantly with his students, on the other side of the front line, colleague Vu Hong Viet (now replaced by coach Dao Quang Hung) is painful before the defeat. feeble. The victory over Quang Nam was a turning point for Huynh Duc’s teachers and students to flourish in the following series. They experienced an impressive series of 6 unbeaten matches, notably a 3-0 victory at Thanh Hoa Stadium, or a match with the defending champion Hanoi at Hoa Xuan.

Looking back on the 1-1 draw with Hanoi, the Han River team is now tougher and more brave. This is thanks to the high performance of names like Phan Van Long, Dang Anh Tuan, Ha Duc Chinh, goalkeeper Tuan Manh …. That match, Hanoi fought first with an overwhelming attack and by 35 minutes, Do Hung Dung got the opening goal. Leading possession of a higher quality player, Hanoi continued to take the initiative, attacking continuously with the aim of “nailing” the match early. However, SHB Da Nang still calmly defended and patiently waited for opportunities. And Huynh Duc’s tactics succeeded in the 41st minute when Phan Van Long equalized 1-1 for the host.
Snatching one point before the big Hanoi opponent is the success of Huynh Duc’s teachers and students. And the most important thing, SHB Da Nang still retains an unbeaten record to maintain the spirit of excitement, ready for the welcome of Quang Ninh Coal. Before the competition on Hoa Xuan Stadium, if SHB Da Nang had impressive series of achievements and good spirit, Than Quang Ninh was forced to forget sad memories at the defeat of Ho Chi Minh City. In the past round 9, playing at Cam Pha home field, the army of coach Phan Thanh Hung lost 0-3 to Ho Chi Minh City.

That match, the land team revealed many weaknesses in the defense and repeatedly let the opponent tear the net. It can be seen that the foreign defender Lastro Neven’s injury to sit outside made the Than Quang Ninh defense become fragile. Coach Phan Thanh Hung forced the use of central defenders Thanh Hao and Van Viet, but they did not combine well. The main loopholes in the defense are the reasons that lead to goalkeeper Tuan Linh having to go to the net to pick the ball 3 times.
Besides the defense, Than Quang Ninh could not operate well due to a series of traumatic pillars. In this trip to SHB Da Nang, Than Quang Ninh continues to chill his forces, but the most worrying absence is still the “rock” of Lastro. Therefore, a good result in Hoa Xuan is very unlikely for the Da Nang military leader Phan Thanh Hung and his students.

SHB Da Nang and Than Quang Ninh in one encounter. Photo: Internet As for the confrontation history, SHB Da Nang is also more appreciated than the visitors from Quang Ninh. In the last 10 meetings, the Han River team won 5 matches, drew 3 matches and lost only 2 matches. Especially, from 2018 to this moment, SHB Da Nang has never lost to Than Quang Ninh and won 3 victories. In the last friendly match, SHB Da Nang defeated Than Quang Ninh with score of 3-2. Probable teams SHB Da Nang: Tuan Manh, Dinh Hoang, Jelic, Thanh Hai, Anh Tuan, Tai Loc, Van Long, Tien Dung, Cong Nhat, Tanda, Duc Chinh. Than Quang Ninh: Tuan Linh, Van Viet, Thanh Hao, The Manh, Quang Huy, Nhat Minh, Hong Quan, Hai Long, Trung Hieu, Xuan Tu, Fagan.

Prediction: 2-1.



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