SHB Da Nang vs Than Quang Ninh, 17:00 on July 18: Victory to fly high


Home team SHB Da Nang are 12 points, and the visitors are 13 points on the V-League rankings this season. The victory will help SHB Da Nang break through and surpass Quang Ninh itself to take the 5th position in the rankings.

SHB Da Nang Club is having a good series when in the last round, the team has got 1 point right at home in front of Hanoi FC Club. In that match, Hanoi had an early cover to gain advantage and reduce pressure on the lines.

Right from the 12th minute, the home team had to go through waves when Hung Dung on the Hanoi FC side had a gap and gave a dangerous shot in the penalty area of ​​Da Nang. Fortunately for the Han River team when the ball went over the crossbar.

SHB Da Nang vs Than Quang Ninh is an uncompromising battle between the two teams who are ranked in the upper half of the rankings

However, up to 35 minutes, the attack with the participation of Van Quyet after a very strong header. Goalkeeper Tuan Manh struggled to push the ball, but the ball was bounced in the right position of Hung Dung and the Vietnam Golden Ball did not miss the opportunity to open the score for Hanoi.

It seemed that when Hanoi scored FC, they would slow down, but they rushed to destroy SHB.ĐN's defense. Despite this, the unexpected situation occurred at 41 minutes when Da Nang was awarded a free kick on the left wing. With the quick pass of Thanh Hai, Van Long rebounded above all to score a 1-1 level for the home team.

In the second half, the efforts of both teams did not bring any goal. Holding a draw at home, SHB Da Nang had only 1 point and rose to 7th place on the LS V-League rankings with 12 points after 9 rounds.

In round 9 of the V-League, we also witnessed the strength of two teams from Ho Chi Minh City. Meanwhile, HCMC Club had the opening match round 9 with a 3-0 victory over Than Quang Ninh. Saigon FC then came back to the top position when it defeated Thanh Hoa 3 goals not removed.

In addition, the 9th round of the V-League also saw the number of fans attending the game to watch 73,000 spectators, an average of 10,429 spectators per game. In particular, many fans came to distribute free mineral water to all fans on the pitch in the match between SHB Da Nang and Hanoi FC. This is said to be a record number after the holiday of Covid 19.
The last round with the most audience attendance was the 6th round with 66,000 spectators watching the matches. In particular, the football fields that contribute the most number of fans are: Thien Truong Stadium with 18,000 spectators, Hoa Xuan Stadium with 15,000 spectators and Go Dau stadium with 14,000 spectators.

With 1 point having been hard before Hanoi at home, SHB Da Nang rose to 7th place and ranked on the championship of Hanoi FC. Meanwhile, the visitors Than Quang Ninh had to go through an unforgettable round in the Ho Chi Minh City club at Cam Pha's home ground.
Therefore, coach Phan Thanh Hung and his students still have a lot of things to do in the 10th match on Da Nang's pitch. Not only lacking the service of the remote block, Than Quang Ninh also has to play without the service of foreign midfielder Lastro due to injury.

This will significantly reduce the strength of this team in the upcoming match against SHB Da Nang. Because the young center-back duo Thanh Hao and Van Viet showed certain errors when playing together.

These loopholes are the cause of 3 goals lost in the match against Ho Chi Minh City in round 9 LS V-League. Therefore, the chipping of this force will bring a lot of difficulties for Than Quang Ninh in the trip to the formidable opponent in the 10 V-League. In terms of confrontation history, SHB Da Nang is highly appreciated compared to the visitors from Quang Ninh. In the last 10 meetings, they won 5 matches, drew 3 matches and lost only 2 matches. Especially, from 2018 to this moment, SHB Da Nang has never lost to Than Quang Ninh and won 3 victories. In the last friendly match, SHB Da Nang defeated Than.QN 3-2.

Probable teams: SHB Da Nang: Tuan Manh, Dinh Hoang, Jelic, Thanh Hai, Anh Tuan, Tai Loc, Van Long, Tien Dung, Cong Nhat, Tanda, Duc Chinh. Than Quang Ninh: Tuan Linh, Van Viet, Thanh Hao, The Manh, Quang Huy, Nhat Minh, Hong Quan, Hai Long, Trung Hieu, Xuan Tu, Fagan. Prediction: 2-1



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