HAGL lost again at Hoa Xuan: The guest yard

HAGL lost the first match under Lee Tae Hoon

After 4 consecutive unbeaten rounds, HAGL finally got the first defeat under the reign of coach Lee Tae Hoon. More bitter is their failure to take place on Hoa Xuan stadium of SHB Da Nang club, the land which is still the ‘easy and hard going’ place of the mountain city football players.

It can be said that every trip to Danang has become nightmares with “Wood”, not from the last four years but even from the prosperous period of HAGL, they rarely have points. when coming to be a guest on Danang FC.

SHB Da Nang once again showed the danger on home turf when confronting HAGL

Even at the time of owning Thai players and especially the best strikers in Southeast Asia Kiatisak, each time they encounter with SHB Da Nang, the loser also often belongs to HAGL. And in this match, it continues to recur even though HAGL has rated higher than the opponent thanks to stable performance in recent times.

Da Nang 2-1 2-1 HAGL showed the mischief of the home team of Hoa Xuan stadium. Perhaps coach Le Huynh Duc has thoroughly studied every position of HAGL to launch effective measures in this match. After the match, it was the former Vietnam national football player who admitted that he had forced ‘Wood’ to play with the long ball and could not promote the defensive play and common counterattack.

The victory of SHB Da Nang was closed after only 24 minutes of rolling with two goals from corner kick situations in the 7th and 24th minutes. Obviously, the home team understood HAGL’s kicking style and they chose to play. preempt to prevent the adversary’s advantage.

Da Nang before other competitors can play badly but when playing at home against HAGL, they always show an extremely effective play. Blackout for coach Lee Tae Hoon’s army is that in this match they do not have the service of two high-profile attacking stars Vu Van Thanh and Chevaughn Walsh because of injury. And the absence of these two people had a big impact on the ‘Wood’ attack front, they played in a stalemate and had to accept the final defeat.


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