V.League 2019: City club. Ho Chi Minh City held the first position after a hard victory before SHB Da Nang

At the round of 16 V.League 2019, although twice, SHB Da Nang’s visitors got the lead, but with their level, the TP club. HCM still won all three points to maintain the top position of its rankings.
Capital is no stranger to each other so the TP Club. Ho Chi Minh City and SHB Da Nang actively pushed up the squad to attack right from the moment the referee revived the opening whistle. The first chance in the match belonged to the home team when Huu Tuan had a high turn to put the ball into the crossbar from the nasty corner kick of Huynh Kesley Alves in the 7th minute. However, only a minute later Meanwhile, SHB Da Nang suddenly had a goal. From the left-wing, no one defender of the TP club. HCM followed Gassissou and let the rookie of the Han River team comfortably hit the head to shake the net of Thanh Thang!

Table lost like touching the pride of the army Chung Hae-soung and they created great pressure on the yard of SHB Da Nang. And after the efforts, the scoreline table finally arrived in an unexpected way. In the 14th minute, from the right-hand side, the goal of Van Bieu stumbled to block the ball, creating conditions for Cong Hien to kick in quickly and equalize for Ho Chi Minh City club!
However, the home team players seem to have problems with the way up the ball from the opponent’s wings. By the 21st minute, from the horizontal line on the left-wing, Gassissou had his own second goal with a very simple close-up buffer to re-lead the table for SHB Da Nang.

Decide not to let the visitors lead the first, City Club. Ho Chi Minh City again playing the ball with the active work of Mansaray, Akinade and Huynh Kesley Alves. And at the last minute of injury in the first half, from Nirennold’s brilliant goal, the 38-year-old did not miss the chance to finish the danger 2-2! This is also the last notable phase in the first half.

Back after the break, the game was reversed when the TP club. HCM is completely overwhelming players with successive braking phases. By the 57th minute, Hoang Thinh’s bad finish accidentally turned into a better assist for Mansaray and former Becamex Binh Duong player easily finished helping the home side lead the first time in the match. This match!

Phase up of Mansaray help psychology of the TP club competition. HCM is more excited. After 63 minutes, Akinade was almost able to put his name on the scoreboard if his exquisite finish didn’t hit the vertical post, unfortunately. After that, in turn, Huynh Kesley Alves, Van Thuan, and Quang Nam had situations that made the defense of SHB Da Nang stand out but failed. Meanwhile, the public goods of SHB Da Nang proved ineffective and they hardly created any remarkable ball. In the end, the match ended with a worthy 3-2 score for the TP Club. HCM.


City Club HCM: Thanh Thang, Ewonde, Cong Thanh, Tung Quoc, Huu Tuan, Van Thuan, Hoang Thinh, Cong Hien, Akinade, Huynh Kesley, Mansaray

SHB Da Nang: Van Bieu, Bernardo Frizoni, Nhat Tan, Nirennold, Minh Tam, Anh Tuan, Van Long, Tien Dung, Cong Nhat, Duc Chinh, Gassissou



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